Monday, August 07, 2006

The California Diaries: A Walk in the Park....

Jet lag still not worn off... majorly unable to sleep in the morning. Got up at 5.30 am, waited in my room till about 10 minutes, and got out. Moped about the house till Mama made tea. Tea major disappointment. You'd think the tea here would be some sort of ambrosia that had the flavour of rainbows and tasted like lightning and actuall had the effect you see on TV. No such effect. More importantly, the tea's just Brooke Bond. Damn. Globalization sucks the exotic out of everything.

Mama's house is a bungalow. Its got a lawn with automated sprinklers, a lovely entrance gate, and a garage door that opens with a remote. Walls are made of wood. All around are similar houses. Variety of colours and sizes. Typical suburban environment. Haven't met any Brees, Edies or Gabrielles as yet, though.

Went for an hour long walk in the hills. Freemont Older Open Space Preserve. One of the more impressive things about actually planning out your suburbs, and in the process, keeping specific designated forest areas, is that you can have both developed living area with all the frills and thickly forested nearby hills for the simpler pleasures. Drove there (Get in on the right side of the car when not driving - need to get used to this. And to fastening your seatbelt whenever you drive). Incredible place. Twenty minutes from Saratoga's Stewart Court suburb, though I have no real idea as to the roads taken. Another impressive factor about this preserve - it's big enough to hold deer, and their population is so high as to cause them to migrate into the suburbs at times (I actually saw one en route). Most impressive of all - its all clean grounds and woods, with no plastics, glass bottles or Kurkure packets. This really is God's own country.

Hiked upto Maisie's Peak, within that Preserve. Lovely view from the top. You can see the central Spire of Stanford University, and this huge baseball field which, I think belongs to UC Santa Clara (This is Santa Clara District btw). The city of San Fransisco is within this huge bay, into which the Pacific flows. The bay is surrounded by hills, and kind of cut off as a geographical feature. As it's a bay, the district is called, the Bay Area.

Came back home.......

Will describe breakfast on my next post.