Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And Yet Another Birthday

Well, it's happened. I've crossed 25.

What progress have I made compared to last year (ref. here)? Well let's see.

On the front of anti-aging, still no luck. I still feel immortal, which they say only the young do, but I realize, in the midst of vigorous taekwondo/jujitsu matches, that I ain't exactly what I used to be. Actually, I used to be a sluggish fat slob, so scratch that. I need more fitness is what I'm saying, so rather than de-aging next year, let's set weight loss and muscle gain as a goal. More realistic (Achievable? Who knows)

On the social front too I made progress. I went out on a whole date with a girl I liked. And I don't mean someone in class whom I met a few times, made friends with and applied ladder theory or anything, I mean a girl I saw who got ghantis bajaaing in the head and whose social life I attempted to insinuate myself into from day 1. How did that work out? A "whole date" should have told you where it was headed. I was depressed when it became clear slipped through my fingers, but it's a start. Hopefully this time next year I'll have a girl (Note: I mean a girl. That's what I want. Not a goddamn wife). In the meantime, I reflect on the fact that practicing full body throws the day after the great crunch was so painful as to drive out the emo hurts within, indicating that martial arts have to be improved upon in the process.

Great news though on the writing front. I've written three whole stories and a goddamn 130 page thesis - my prof called it a mini-dissertation. Rewrites pending on the one with the great twist ending before I send it out. So goals for next year - get the damn thing published. I want to be able to google my name and get a link to I dunno Zoetrope fiction as well as Biotech and Bioengineering (yeah that thesis is becoming a paper as well).

So there we go. A copper or silver jubilee of me and this is life. Let's see what the number 26 holds for moi. And yoi in connection with moi as well.