Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Basically, I decided to cut loose with all typical romace cliches and see how I could substitute em with some sort of scientificreference. There's poetry in sunrise and sunset and fruit and all that... so there should be in what I've described.

To My True Love – A Chemical Romance

Your eyes are what draw me to you, soft, deep and of unchanging hue.

I see deep into their core, little sparkles by the score.

They scintillate all the while, no two are the same,

Those flashes within your eyes, like ions in a flame.

I see the crimson of charged lithium, the green of a Barite,

The lilac of ionic potassium, a truly marvelous sight.

Your pupils are truly special, a wonder to behold,

They are so like a fiery wire of platinum or of gold.

Your nose entices me too, to its tip I succumb,

It’s delicate as a flower, yet strong as dry gypsum.

It wiggles with your swinging moods, it points to joy or terror.

It’s like a voltmeter, with negligible error.

So cheery is your bearing, ever so animate

You’re as effervescent as a hydrated bicarbonate

You re-dissolve my fears and cares, when I’m wan and glum,

From clouded Cu(OH)2 you vivify me, to deep cuprammonium.

You make the best of all you have, churn happiness out of all you see

Like zinc you could milk H2 from acid or alkali.

You inspire me and arouse me to a bolder, more sanguine state,

You feel sometimes like an overdose of acidified permanganate.

You could be sparring partner, co-conspirator, counselor or me-o-phile,

You resonate between all of them, running rings around phenyl.

Fellowship flows around you; reserve and distance thrown aside,

You facilitate people’s linkages, like vanadium pentoxide.

You’re as delicate as platinum sometimes, to poisoning so susceptible,

Yet at times you’re like carbon fibre, super strong and flexible.

I desire you and your love forever, (not to sound like a pop crooner on TV),

I want our bond to be strong and lasting; like diamond C-to-C

In writing this I present your importance to the process that is me;

In short, you’re the limiting reactant in our chemistry!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Daffy Definitions
What do you feel...
...when you see Orkut and Facebook pics of schoolmates whom all the girls had the hots for in classes IX - XII and find they've become overweight and look debauched and stressed, while you've improved to no end ?: Pleasure

...when you find that not only poaching is on the rise, but also deforestation in the forests, while cities reel with the incoming issues of water, sanitation and power?:

...when you read that J K Rowling, who was born in 1965, concieved the HP skeleton in 1990 and has completed it now, and realize your 24th birthday is around the corner?: Fear Panic

...when you're asked what you want to do at the age of 16, having been told there's nothing you can't do?: Confusion

...when you're thinking about what you not only can but also want to do at the age of 23?: Even More Confusion

...when you haven't written an awful lot for near a month, despite your blog being the writings (of a writer, no less) ?: Fear

...when you're trying to get that presentation completed as though your life depended on it, even though you go to sleep doing it?: Frustration

...from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+V?: Inspiration