Thursday, November 27, 2008

As We Sow...Redux

Well, here it is. The reaping.

We sowed it by doing nothing when Naxalites shot people in AP, Orissa and Bihar.

We sowed it by turning the page when cops were killed in Kashmir.

We sowed it by looking away when the Tripura Liberation Force and ULFA gunned people down specifically on Independence and Republic days.

We watered it by letting any politically-connected fool get away with calling bandhs, inciting riots, robbing freedom of expression and emasculating the law.

We fertilized it by going on with life as usual.

All that's left, is the reaping.

Bombay is reaping it since Wednesday. And what a reaping it is.


Vijaya Gopal said...

So much of power in this short blog of yours. Brilliant!
Vijaya Gopal

imperfect said...

"Be good to thy neighbor was what the lord said But the lord didn’t see the neighbor stab us dead."

Akasuna no Sasori said...

Thank you both!!!

Anonymous said...

Add this one: the subcontinent added the population of Australia every year for fifty years, without any plausible arrangement to scale up primary education or vocational training by a factor of 3--4 between 1950--2000. Disillusionment and rage is the only outcome we reap in a world of dwindling resources and increasing disparity. There is no way out now except massive bloodletting.

Akasuna no Sasori said...

Your comment is distasteful in itself, but more importantly, has nothing to do with the matter at hand. Please go troll elsewhere

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

We were so busy in media and politician bashing that we forgot to make the amends ourselves. After the independence, I guess we were so busy licking our wounds that we forgot the power of the masses which is what achieved independence for India, that's why now a days all we can do is rant and rant and rant instead of protesting cause we feel we cannot achieve anything by protests. BTW I am not from the media, neither am I a politician, I am just an unknown citizen.

thecynic said...

To Mr. Anonymous : The fact that you're 'Anonymous' shows that you're a gutless fart anyway. To add to that you also seem to be some sort of Neo-Nazi. Go watch aussie rules football, get drunk on fosters and screw a tree ! i guess thats all you're capable of. it should have been you at the taj that day !
I'm an Indian from Chennai. The Indian cricket team ( team from the same subcontinet that you so abhorr ) kicked aussie ass just a month back ! go cry !